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Talented Sophie George

He is a veteran Footballer in Kenya. His carrier started from the time he was in secondary school and was approached by the CEO of Ramogi to join them.His official name is George Achar.

He was approached by captain from Lake Worriors. He signed with the team after a few months of practising. After high school he was approched by Kenya Pipeline to play for them as a volleyball player.

He was born in Mombasa and lived most of his life there. His club lake worrior had many problems and he had to intervine to save it.He palyed for the grass root clubs even though many people knew he was signed for big clubs.

His best moment is during the time his club was to go for relegation.

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by: Tcha George 20 Decembers 2018

  • Daphne Richard

    Delphine’s Hair and Beauty Parlor Life will never provide warranties and guarantees, it can only provide possibilities and opportunities and it is up to us to convert them to success. It is surprising how daring Kenyans can be to start and running successful businesses in the USA. Delphine Richmond the founder of Delphine’s Hair and Delphine’s Beauty Parlor is an incredible lady who was born in Kenya but later relocated to Atlanta USA with her parents. She is the best motivation for those successful entrepreneurs who embraced and nurtured their talents to make ends meet. Delphine’s love for hair and beauty since her childhood made her dive into the deep waters of the beauty industry and became a professional and licensed cosmetologist and make-up artist in the USA. African parents have the notion that their children must study to become doctors, engineers, and lawyers, to be successful.

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    by: Tcha George 11 April 2019

  • Miss Africa Union Tanzania

    Neema Olory was born in Tanzania and was previledged to represent her country in the African Union Beauty Contest. She is a student in America pursuing Psychology.

    She loves culture and was inspired to educate people on why they should embrace education and also remind people living abroad to go back home. She was among the top 5 finalist.

    She has organized an event called "International Cultural Festival" this event will provide african leaving abroad with a touch of the culture in their country. Each country will have a booth and have time to mingle and reflect on the things back at home.

    Find more on our youtube channel

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    by: Tcha George 23 March 2019