Hands Across Oceans

Hands Across Oceans “And my God will meet all my needs according to his riches in glory.” Sarah Millie quotes from Philippians 4:19 believing that God will bless her at His own time. It is a Bible verse that keeps her going in her daily endeavors. Sarah Millie is a lady from Ugenya, Kenya living in Dallas, Texas working as a flight attendant. Her story is full of life because of her loving heart that enables her to share and put a smile on the less fortunate in society. Sarah is the founder and director of Hands Across Oceans a foundation that impacts the community in a positive way by helping the needy children back in Kenya. Since loves to travel and so she chose a career that would enable her to travel across the world. Back in Kenya, she was working as a travel consultant and she could travel to various destinations taking pilgrimage tours. When she won a green card and moved to the USA, she applied for a job and got one as a flight attendant so that she could enjoy traveling benefits. Sarah Millie tells her story of what motivated her to start the Hands Across Oceans foundation. Sarah was born in a family of five girls, and her parents were teachers. Her father was a school principal so they lived a middle-class life. But life took a different direction when her father passed on while she was in class six. That was when poverty kicked in because it was difficult for her mother to educate them all and provide their basic needs. On the other hand, she was born in a gender inequality society. Her mother suffered critics from people because she had only girls and she was expected to remarry and give birth to a baby boy. What a cruel society! Since her mother was a principled lady and respectable, she decided not to remarry because she was okay with her girls but she had to relocate to South Nyanza to avoid the critics and start a new life. Sarah tells that life was not easier as they were growing up as she could walk a long distance to go to school. But later on, when Sarah got an opportunity to go to the US, she decided to help the needy children because she was once in their situation and understands their experience. When she visited Kenya, she saw vulnerable kids and decided to help them by changing their lives for the better. She had a passion to help them and bought them food, books, and uniforms. So when she went back to the US, she shared the information with friends and requested them to support her help the kids and that’s how she came up with Hands Across Oceans which she registered in 2011. Her foundation now has 22 kids and it has become very hard and expensive to manage by her and so she is reaching out to friends and anyone who is willing to join her and help her change the lives of the kids. She believes that if she changes if the life of a single child, she has changed the whole community because the child will one day lift someone as he was lifted.

Despite Sarah’s achievements, the biggest challenge she faces in her organization is finding someone with a genuine heart to help. So she is requesting everyone to give genuinely. When Sarah changes a life, it fills joy in her heart because she does with passion and God will one day bless and send her someone her way to help her. If you want to reach her, visit her website or visit a Facebook page called Hands Across Oceans or phone number and Cash up ID 2146365588 . Giving even one child an opportunity to become a better person in the future motivates her. Therefore, she is requesting everyone to stretch their hands and become part of the organization to give back to the community and God will reward you at his time and richness.

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by: Tcha George 18 April 2019

  • Racial Oppression Reflection Essay and being bilingual

    As a residence hall counselor on our campus, I will demonstrate and explain the importance of knowing more than one language or being bilingual according to Jessica’s case in Scenario 1. Jessica is 22-year-old Mexican American who moved from Illinois to attend college in California but have got issues with the Hispanic classmates. On this essay, I will discuss a reflection on Jessica’s case on how being bilingual might have played a greater role on her to get along or get comfortable and relaxed with the Hispanic students in a class. This essay will also demonstrate how she will have to learn to get used to the Hispanic students by accepting and fully appreciating the Hispanic language because she has the ability to understand it when it is spoken to her. Therefore, hearing and understanding the language is most important than speaking it hence, she should not feel discriminated in class.

    As a campus counselor, the best advice I will to Jessica is to urge her to appreciate and accept the Hispanic language as it is as well as put more effort to learn how to speak it. As much as I am concerned, Jessica should befriend the Hispanic students, interact more with them to help her learn how to speak the language. More importantly, she should choose one of the Hispanic students as her best friend and discuss the problem she is facing when learning the language. In this case, the Hispanic friends without any doubt they will understand her case and help teach her how to speak it.

    On the other hand, sharing the issues and experience of learning to speak the language with the Spanish students, it will definitely help her get used to them and they will be willing to help her appreciate and accept the mistake she makes while learning the language and correct where necessary. Alternatively, I’ll advise Jessica to become open-minded and consider attending Hispanic classes that will help her learn to speak the language fluently. My advice is a representation of the best action students can follow to make their ends meet. The Chicano studies she is taking is also important to build her career hence, she should not feel discriminated or uncomfortable when attending the classes. I believe that it is important to learn Spanish since it will give her an opportunity to have a lot of information concerning the Chicano subject that will help her communicate with her classmates.

    Moreover, learning how to speak Spanish fluently is key in her future career. For instance, speaking Spanish fluently will increase the chances of getting a nice job in all nations that use Spanish as a national language of communication. In addition to that, knowing to speak just one language is a disadvantage in this competitive world. For instance, diversity has become important and if one speaks or understands one language, they will be forced to use interpreters hence it will become difficult, slow and expensive. In conclusion, it is important for Jessica to learn to speak Spanish to enjoy her studies as well as expanding career opportunities in the future.

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    by: Tcha George 23 March 2019

  • Talented Sophie George

    He is a veteran Footballer in Kenya. His carrier started from the time he was in secondary school and was approached by the CEO of Ramogi to join them.His official name is George Achar.

    He was approached by captain from Lake Worriors. He signed with the team after a few months of practising. After high school he was approched by Kenya Pipeline to play for them as a volleyball player.

    He was born in Mombasa and lived most of his life there. His club lake worrior had many problems and he had to intervine to save it.He palyed for the grass root clubs even though many people knew he was signed for big clubs.

    His best moment is during the time his club was to go for relegation.

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    by: Tcha George 30 December 2018

  • Daphne Richard

    Life will never provide warranties and guarantees, it can only provide possibilities and opportunities and it is up to us to convert them to success. It is surprising how daring Kenyans can be to start and running successful businesses in the USA. Delphine Richmond the founder of Delphine’s Hair and Delphine’s Beauty Parlor is an incredible lady who was born in Kenya but later relocated to Atlanta USA with her parents. She is the best motivation for those successful entrepreneurs who embraced and nurtured their talents to make ends meet. Delphine’s love for hair and beauty since her childhood made her dive into the deep waters of the beauty industry and became a professional and licensed cosmetologist and make-up artist in the USA.

    by: Tcha George 11 April 2019

  • Miss Africa Union Tanzania

    Neema Olory was born in Tanzania and was previledged to represent her country in the African Union Beauty Contest. She is a student in America pursuing Psychology.

    She loves culture and was inspired to educate people on why they should embrace education and also remind people leaving abroad to go back home. She was among the top 5 finalist.

    She has organized an event called "International Cultural Festival" this event will provide african leaving abroad with a touch of the culture in their country. Each country will have a booth and have time to mingle and reflect on the things back at home.

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    by: Tcha George 23 March 2019